A week in the life of a 3rd year

Diego Quiros, DO


Clinical Rotations

  • Mondays: VA Outpatient Clinic
  • Tuesdays: St. Luke’s Outpatient Clinic
  • Wednesdays: Boise State University – University Health Services Clinic
  • Thursdays: Didactics and Supervision
  • Fridays: VA Outpatient Clinic

Why Boise?

What attracted me to the University of Washington-Idaho Advanced Clinician Track was the diversity of settings in which I would be able to gain first-class training in psychiatry. Starting out in Seattle, I had the luxury of being able to hone my inpatient and psychiatric emergency skills by seeing a wide range of psychopathology in a variety of busy sites, including Harborview Medical Center, the University of Washington Medical Center and the VA. In Boise, I have had the privilege of being able to work on my outpatient treatment and consult-liaison skills in a more rural setting. Being able to appreciate the differences in how psychiatry is practiced in two vastly different settings has given me a unique perspective and has been an indispensable tool for me, especially as I look forward in planning the rest of my career. I also love the family-like atmosphere that our program has worked tirelessly to cultivate and maintain. The close relationships I have been able to forge with both my peers and attendings has helped me grow both professionally and personally. We are encouraged to pursue our passions and are given an unparalleled amount of support in doing so. Being a resident for the UW has been the honor of a lifetime and I could not be happier to be a part of our growing history!


Morning: Sleep in then off to buy groceries and cook my meals for the week, usually while watching some soccer.

Afternoon: Go for a run. Depending on the weather, I’ll either go running along the river and through downtown, where I live, or I’ll head to the YMCA.

Evening: Finish up any errands and get myself organized for the week and watch some Netflix or Hulu.


Morning: See patients at the VA outpatient clinic. I am privileged to work with our veterans every Monday in the outpatient clinic.

Afternoon: Continue to see patients and attend caseload supervision. Wrap up notes and then head home.

Evening: Head off for a run. After dinner, talk to friends or family via Skype and wind down the day.


Morning: Start work at the St. Luke’s outpatient clinic usually seeing a new patient or follow ups. On the second Tuesday of every month, we get to sit in on an interdisciplinary deep brain stimulation panel to discuss patients and give input from a psychiatric perspective. Each week, we will usually have a lunch time educational conference.

Afternoon: Continue to see patients then wrap up notes and head home.

Evening: Tuesdays have become trivia nights for the residency crew. We’ll usually meet up at one of the local breweries (Boise has a great culinary scene!).


Morning: Wake up and head to Boise State University. Wednesday mornings consist of an interdisciplinary meeting followed by patient care.

Afternoon: Continue with patient care and then receive supervision. I usually sit in on caseload supervision with my senior resident and attending. This has been super helpful in terms of my learning.

Evening: I usually have a bit of time to read or prepare for didactics then relax for the rest of the evening.


Morning: Didactics occur for a bulk of the morning. This is usually given by our excellent teaching faculty or from an array of guest lecturers. This past month we’ve been on a child and adolescent block, which has been of particular interest to me.

Afternoon: Lunch with the residents. We may have a case conference, lunch time lecture or business meeting during this time. After lunch, we have psychotherapy seminar and then off to psychotherapy supervision!

Evening: Usually dinner out with the residents. We get together quite frequently and have managed to become a pretty tight knit group.


Morning: Back to the VA outpatient clinic to wrap up the week. Friday mornings, I see new management patients.

Afternoon: After lunch, I will see my psychotherapy patients and then go to caseload supervision.

Evening: This usually depends on weekend plans. My fiancée lives in Seattle, so I may take a flight out to see her for the weekend. If not, I’ll usually either just unwind with a movie or go out with some of the residents.


Morning: Sleep in! Get a run in or watch some soccer.

Afternoon: Depending on the weekend, the residents usually are pretty great about organizing fun activities. We go on hikes to Swan Falls or one the other amazing trails close by. We’ve also been known to take short road trips to Salt Lake City. During the winter, skiing is a must.

Evening: Head home from whatever outing we’ve planned. Depending on energy levels, dinner and drinks out, out to a movie at the IMAX theatre nearby, or just relax at home.

Future Plans:

My plan is to fast track into a child and adolescent fellowship. My long term goal is to work with underserved communities as a child and adolescent psychiatrist. Boise has many tremendous opportunities that would be amazing to take advantage of!